Some other UG'ers as well as some of my close friends helped me put this together. Let me know what you think.

Recording the guitars was kind of tricky to get this tone. I recorded my 6505+ as well as the DI's and then reamped the DI's through BIAS/Jamup using an AC30 to get a little more articulation. Bass tracks are DI's + BOD. Any other questions feel free to ask!

good job on the music man really nice.

guitar solo ripped. flowed through the progression flawlessly.

drums are pumped.

has dark vibes in it.

this is must have been some work.
haha, yeah man - took a LOT of editing time to get the song where I wanted it for sure. Thanks for the feedback bro. Was pretty excited to release this one.. You can see the other metal collabs videos weve done on my youtube page as well if you get bored..
Thank you for the review! Are you from Virginia? Now your song: Somehow this reminded me a bit of Alice in Chains (not a bad thing, when they're not being Satanic). Nice lyrics (send me a private message if you want to chat). At times, this song really rocks! Very good guitar playing. Nice piano. Nice song!
Man, this song explodes with awesomeness! You caught me by surprise! I think everything's excellent, but I have a question. Does you drummer follow a metronome when recording, and how do you generally approach recording?