(so I play in Drop C, not sure of chord names though in standard tuning it'd be Am, F#, C, Em on clean channel)

My shadows gone today, and
My own reflection just looks away,
I've lost something down the road,
It's hard to remember what you don't know....

(kick on the crunch switch to power chords)

So I pour out a shot
But I drink from the bottle
And I figured it out
Somewhere near the bottom
But when I woke up
I'd forgot it all again....
I am assuming this will be a heavy song due to the tuning... will there be screaming?
Actually, no. The rhythym is kind of slow. When I practice the verse is very low, vocals are kind of grummbly mumbly. The chorus kicks up intensity but not really aggressive or enthusiastic, kind of a louder harder mumble.