Writing another song. Haven't come up with the lyrics for the 2nd verse yet. I normally have the problem of saying way too much, but I feel like I kept this one super simple and I like it ^_^. Yup



So put it always
Back together
And though it's broken
There's always a way

So think it over
One to another
And now we're finding
There's always a way

The thing I like about photographs is that
The thing I like about photographs is that
They resurrect the joy lost in the past
The thing I like about photographs is that

I reminisce
These days are not as great as them
They're in the past
I'll find them again
haha, just lyrics is fine. But I think if they're part of a song, you might as well show a bit of the song as well (fortunately my recording equipment is always set up). If people started offering a bit more than endless paragraphs of depressing and abstract verses (maybe adding audio/video/artwork/background info), this section of the forum might see a little more traffic.

But thanks for the reply. Makes me feel like I'm not terrible