Sounds like it's in D major for most of the song and changes to the relative minor (B) in what I'm guessing are choruses.
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Sounds like it's in D major for most of the song and changes to the relative minor (B) in what I'm guessing are choruses.

Thanks bro.
Sometimes when you're looking to determine key, it helps to look for the "differential" chord.

In G Major, the I, IV, V chords Are G, C, D.

In D major, the I, IV, V chords are, D, G, A.

So, G and G major BOTH contain D & G major chords.

However G major, has C major, and not A.

D Major has A major, but not C.

This is not hard and fast, but is reasonably reliable in songs which are simple, "one, four, five" progressions. (And lots of pop rock and country songs are exactly that, 3 chord wonders)...
Yup, but it's not always easy to tell just by what chords are being used. You have to use your ears and figure out which chord sounds like "home". In a section of a song (or the whole song) which chord sounds resolved? Which one could it stop on and let ring out and it wouldn't feel tense at all?

I think it's actually in D major through the whole thing. Yesterday when I said that part was in B minor I think I was wrong. I was talking about the part from 1:16 to 1:40 and again later. The chords for that section are something like Em Bm Em Bm Em Bm C Dsus2(?) Of course, the C isn't diatonic to D major, but I guess it may be acting as a substitution for Em since they both share the notes E and G, the C just leads nicely to what I think is a Dsus2, which gives it a floaty feel for a second before the main section comes back in with the D major.

I'd like to see what someone else thinks about that section.
^ That's not Dsus2, it's just A major. The C chord functions as the bVII of D major. It's a pretty common non-diatonic chord.

Yes, the song is in D major, even though the very beginning of the song suggests A major (before the guitar comes in).

The verse is D-A-G-F# (I-V-IV-V/vi) and the chorus is Em-Bm-Em-Bm-Em-Bm-C-A. IMO the chorus does sound like B minor. And that's because it's just Em-Bm chords (iv-i) and the verse ends with the V chord of B minor (which gives it a stronger minor sound). But then it modulates back to D major when C and A chord are played (bVII-V of D major).

The second verse has another section that goes like Em-D/F#-G-A-G-Em (ii-I-IV-V-IV-ii).

To me the song sounds a bit like they just threw a bit random chords together (the chorus was OK but the verse sounded a bit like that) - I mean, the singing doesn't really have a clear melody either and the chords are just in the background (I can't really explain it properly). It's more like "melodic rapping". I don't know, it just didn't make that much sense to me. But that's just my opinion.
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Oh, it's an A. I was just playing triads on the high strings to figure out the harmony and the little xxx755 Dsus2 sounded right because it has the E and A in it. I didn't even bother to figure out the chords in the main verse section - I just soloed over it for a second to find the key. Then when I wasn't sure about the chorus I figured out the chords as best as I could. Now that I see there's a secondary dominant at the end of the verse and the last chord of the chorus is actually A that section makes more sense.

The song does have a very odd sound, the verse especially.