Very smooth clean tone; good reverb and delay use. Love the distorted tone; lead sound a bit like Steve Vai's tone some. This reminds me a lot of I-Exist. Great band and definitely digging this song. Vocal melodies are catchy. The drums are hard-hitting and keep the track going with a powerful backing. The bass didn't stand out too much. Could be a bit more complex and cut through the song more. The solos did sound a tad 'dry' here and there, but didn't take away from the song at all.

This is an awesome tune! Lyrics seem well-written and that chorus is too catchy for it's own good. I do think the chorus vocals could have benefited from a harmony track, as it sounded like the whole song was just one single track. Other than that it was recorded well. Nice production.

hey this is nice. battleground vibes. maybe not. id like to hear this riding the back of a tiger with a giant water sword in my hand looking seriously out into the horizon before he jumps into the sky into space then the sun explodes and destroys the earth then i have to slash at incoming meteors and aliens as we speed to make it to pluto but alas there is not enough time because the tiger is slow in space and then we suffocate in space right before the song ends.

thats the vibe i get from After Forever
Hi InnerDream

This track is really well produced, the rhythm guitar tone is very smooth and at a nice volume with gives to lead vocal plenty of space. Vocals well mixed and good use of subtle effects.

The lead guitar is well played and the note choice was nice, well thought out solos rather than some random widdle which is good to hear. I think the lead guitar tone would suit slightly more reverb and perhaps a more noticeable delay just to set it apart in the mix abit more.

Great job around on production, writing and the arrangement.

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Cheers, M
thanks for the feedback folks!

@aaron I didnt think of the lyrics being especially Christian but can see what you mean!