Hi guys,

I'm considering to buy a volume pedal. I need something simple (I mostly want it for soloing and tapping parts), reliable, and (if possible) not expensive.

Do you have any suggestion for such a pedal? Or any other idea?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Yep, both of those should do fine. The Morley pedals are nice too, if they still make one that's just a volume pedal. I haven't looked lately but not long ago Morley still made a good range of volume pedals, the Power Wah, and so forth. They work well because they use a LED and photo cell rather than hooking the pedal to a regular volume pot the way most are made. I'd like to get mine fixed at some point, it's the Power Wah but it went belly up a while back so now I'm using a very old Schaller one.

You'll find it weird at first, but after I used one for about a month, I've never played without a volume pedal again. Even if I go to an open mic or sit in, I bring a spare cable and the volume pedal...It's the only way to go. All guitar players should use one, it lets you play and have good volume control, without stopping to adjust, and you don't lose as much treble as you do by turning down the volume knob, because you're still using the full output of the pickups. I don't think mine loses any, it's hard to tell though.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
Morley Little Alligator is the correct answer.
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Thanks a lot for your answers guys, I'll let you know about it