Hello. Recorded vocals by plugging mic into Audiobox USB, turning on phantom power, and recording w/ Sudio One 2. I had my headphones and was listening to the song when I recorded them.

They didn't sound bad, but they were ecohey, as though I was recording the vocals in an empty banquet hall or something. Someone said that it was "headphone bleed" could the culprit and that I should get "in-ears." Do you agree?

What else could be the source of this problem and how do I fix it?

Sample?? Kinda hard to tell without one. Headphone bleed shouldn't be a huge deal unless they're blaring loud or 'open backed'.

What microphone, is the room echo-y normally, how close were you to the mic, is your room treated, any other information that you can give us?
What kind of heaphones are you using. If they are not closed back heaphones that could be the problem also how are your room acoustics? Is the mic picking up room natural reverb?
Like Chatterbox272 said, more info needed.
WAY more likely that it's the room than the headphones. I use open-air headphones when tracking scratch vocals, and there will be a tiny tiny echo but it's negligible.
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Yes. I have the same room acoustic problem but after some Auralex foam panels randomly (but nicely) placed around the room, it is a very minor issue now that you can only hear if you solo a vocal track so it's not a major issue now.
Okay. Room is small bedroom. It's the only place I can record. I closed the door as well. That could be a problem.

Headphones: PreSonus HD7 2x32 OHMS

MIC: PreSonus M7

Distance from mic: The pop guard is two inches in front of the mic. I am three inches in front of the pop guard.

Suggestions? Thanks.
Is it possible it could be latency causing small echoes and fluctations? Its really off putting if your buffer size is set to high and its out by a fraction, makes me stumble on a lot of words if I've not set my buffer rate
Also the other question i would ask would be do you get the same sound on play back or just when recording? If you do get the same on recording and play back then it's going to be your room acoustics (try putting matteresses or blankets over walls and flat objects).

If you only get this effect when youre actually recording then it'll probably be a monoring issue relating to latency - hearing audio coming into the interface and the audio coming back out from your DAW at the same time, this can create some small space and delay effects just during the tracking process if not set up right
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Yes, could be a latency issue if the headphones are getting the audio of the track coming back into the same interface as the live mic. Hadn't thought of that.

As far as room acoustic I recommend if possible, open the door to a closet full of clothes (the more the better) hang a blanket or two over the inside of the door. Stand in the "V" created with the open door and the closet so you have clothes on one side and the blanket on another. Pull in the mic into the "V" area and you can get a pretty decent "vocal booth" (unless the room acoustics are really bad and the mic is still picking up sound from the bedroom walls). Also what kind of microphone are you using? Depending on the polar pickup pattern (cardiod, hyper cardiod or super cardiod) you may be picking up a wider area than you need.
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Thanks. Yes, I hear this echo during playback. If anything, it's more pronounced then. Creating a vocal booth in this room will require substantial work. There are no closets or anything. So, basically, I lower the buffer settings and, if that doesn't work, there's not much I can do until I get better acoustics.
If youre hearing it during playback as well as monitoring then it'll be room acoustics, the buffer sizer would only need changing if you know its a latency issue, as a rule of thumb you want a small buffer size for tracking and a larger buffer size for mixing