hi everyone, i'm looking for a pickup that sounds good even with the guitar's tone knob on 0..by good i mean less muddier and more distinctive. i know this sounds a little weird but that's what i'm looking for, i was thinking for a rather bright pickup so that the treble is still there when you turn off the tone, maybe seymour duncan or dimarzio, not sure..anyone that can help please do so
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I would try changing the cap on the tone pot before switching out pick ups


This or change the taper of the pots your using, maybe a 1meg pot.

What you need to do is find a pickup that you like regardless of where the tone is set, if it sounds good to you that is the pickup you want to get.

You will also need to adjust the EQ of your amp to help out your cause.
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The treble bleed mod bleeds highs around the volume pot, as long as the pot is not at 10. Tone pot values only affect the tone when it is at maximum, and somewhat marginally. Higher value gives slightly more treble content when the tone is at 10.

Best thing here is to mess with the cap value, as it determines the point of maximum treble roll-off.
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