A beautiful horse face girl posted that on her facebook page and I responded as such:

I would press the angle of a rare bloodtype that makes you impervious to all things related to said disease and drink raw egg juice in front of somebody (it's possible for the appendix to burst inward, if it bursts and you feel relief it's because you aren't going to die). If you have a dry socket skeleton it can certainly be sewn into the brood, 10-15% of all caucasians have no bone marrow at all and as a logical extension of that have an immune system that operates in an entirely different way. On top of that a broken bone fixed the old fashioned way WILL over time slowly turn into cartilage. In your average Joe, cream filling boned, low pain thresh hold person, that situation can and will manifest itself in the form of a marrow leak and potentially cause leukemia. This ailment is totally impossible for a dry socket to experience. Cancer cannot metastasize the same way in a dry socket as a cream filling man. This goes medically undocumented to a disgusting extent mainly due to antibiotics still working and the arrogant attitude of a complete understanding of disease and the human immune system existing right now. A social factor which contributes to the ignorance towards dry sockets is that doctors just plain hate the idea of it even being a thing. I have no idea what percent of African Americans are dry sockets, but I'm positive that it's a trait that exists within the African brood which is certainly more expansive than that of your white Europeans. A noted African American of high status with this skeleton type is Al Sharpton. It's best spotted by a physically judgmental person eyeballing it, as well mass by volume. You're dry sockets man is heavier by volume than the next man of equal size. In a "blood brothers" situation the invasive dry sockets blood type may overtake that of another person entirely. There are two types of dry sockets blood. One of them provides protection from a variety of viruses. The other one gives you a person with a very much outlying and low chance of ever getting cancer at all. Another thing that's sort of a one off which is purely speculative and more unknown is that I believe only a dry sockets man can white wash. This is an ability which is more related to having two fully functioning gall bladders working in non vestigial symmetrical harmony. There are also implications in the topic of sewn to brood and I will have to say that dry sockets existence IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EXISTENCE OF EGG CRATES BY THE STERNUM. If you were born with no chest bone then you can keep your ****ing whingeing volition and set of bullshit ideas away from the entirety the is the extended Barr brood and even stay the **** away from my up to 31 white wash children in Africa. You were not born without a sternum due to some dry sockets guy getting his knocked out of him and then somebody procreated with that unfortunate soul. It's purely genetic and these men carry a seed which has 'benign' extra chromosomes. The roomers are true. ..these men can indeed procreate with mountain rams/ sheep and the result is yes a centaur. The centaur does have a sternum. The centaurs front legs both work in unison and cannot articulate independently. The back legs are the same situation. The centaurs have a long life expectancy of about 100 years, a full century, and are said to be highly intelligent. The creation of a centaur, while a holy act, is most certainly unholy outside of the confines of the Catholic Arch Daises . Not only that, but an eggcrates man can have four armed spawn with a woman who is 1/4 mountain gorilla. The four arms much like the legs of the centaur operate in tandem, top two doing the same as one another, as do the bottom two. For that reason I could not in good conscience fight that man under the marquess of queens berry. This closed off entirely the prospect of some sort of tides match. In a tides match the African fighter is allowed to kick the white fighter in the leg, and the white fighter is allowed to run his shoulder into the guys face. This was a disappointment, yet not sad on the scale of the huge number of endangered ape species. This predicament meant that me and my men could not use sticks and rocks to win a battle against wild chimpanzees.
Your traveling through another dimension
A dimension not Only of sight and sound but of mind
A wondrous journey
Who's boundaries are that of Imagination
And limits that of infinity
There's a sign post up ahead
Next stop the twilight zone
i hope senpai will finally notice me...
bawitaba a bang a bang diggy diggy diggy sed the boogie sed up jump the boogie
sometimes i fart and it goes back up my butt

one word summary or gtfo
A poem.
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

I can out-bore you any day
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It's actually too late to joke about ebola. The window for not sounding like a hack gets smaller and smaller every day.
it'll always be to soon to joke about ebola because whether or not theres a huge outbreak, people are dyeing from it
this house is bitchin
tl;dr but no, its never too soon to joke about anything, you should be able to joke about everything
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A beautiful horse face girl posted that on her facebook
Too bad Horsedick.MPEG isn't here to f**k her in the a** while she sucks his dick.
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If KFC is finger-licking good, then people would probably suck dicks for Popeyes. That's how good it is.

There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line