I've been playing bass since I was 8, I am now 16 and bass guitar is my main instrument. I'm taking rockschool grade 5/6 bass and am currently in my second to last year of college in New Zealand (Think that is equivalent to highschool in america).
I'm looking for a bass that I can have for a few years and take with me to university/use at gigs etc.
I've been looking at the Squier Affinity PJ bass which seems to have really good reviews.
Does anyone have any advice hat might sway me towards something else? I would like to consider more options before I choose.
I'm on a budget of around $400NZD and am planning to study music at university, so would like the bass to last the distance.
I take it that you are looking for a four-string bass, so for the price - and assuming that there is not a tremendous mark-up of price down in New Zealand - I would take a look at the Squier Vintage Modern Precision Bass with the P/J pickup setup. It sells here for US$300.00 new, which is a few dollars less than your NZ$400.00 budget.

The Affinity is not bad for the price, but the Vintage Modern is noticeably better, and I think you will hang onto it for a lot longer than you would the Affinity.
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I'd recommend you look at something besides an Affinity if you want something that'll last, especially for university. The Affinity's are Squier's bottom-of-the-barrel line and while they can be perfectly serviceable, they're also more rife with QC issues and shoddy workmanship.

Recommending things is going to be tough because I know there's a huge markup on instruments in NZ and I have no idea what the market looks like. If you can save up the money for a Squier Classic Vibe or Vintage Modified Precision or Jazz though I can tell you it'll be miles better than an Affinity.

You're on the right track with Squier, a good P or J should cover everything you'd need it for an school and they're tried and true designs, you just need to aim a little bit higher. If saving more cash for a better model isn't an option, let us know what you can find in your price range since most of us aren't familiar with what's available (and how much it costs) in New Zealand.
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Cheers guys, I have actually found a vintage modified bass for around $350 NZD so I think I will end up going with that