hello UG folks,
i plan on upgrading my dimarzio IBZ pickups on my rg920 to probably the crunchlab and liquifire set. but i am not sure about the coil splitting 5-way pickup selector, how will that work? can i coil split the crunchlab and liquifire in a similar 5-way manner as my RG920's IBZ pickups are set right now? Or do i have to replace the 5-way pickup selector into a 3-way switch? i want it to be coil split with the bridge pickup parallel connected in one of the 5 positions. am i looking at the wrong pickup set, is it possible with the crunchlab and liquifire? if not, what similar sounding pickups should i look into?
thanks in advance.

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I don't see why it shouldn't work. If the existing switch does it with your current pickups, it should work with the crunchlab and liquifire set, with the current switch (assuming you wire it correctly, of course). You just need to make sure to get the 4-conductor versions of the pickups.

You could also email dimarzio to be 100% sure, since they make both sets of pickups.
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I swapped my RG920's pickups with Dimarzio X2N and Evo and wired them exactly as the stock pickups were with no problems at all.
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