I am a 15 year old sophomore in high school currently and I am considering about what I want to do with my life after graduation... Recently I have been thinking about stating a band. I wanted it to be a Screamo/metal-core/post-hardcore band... I play guitar and am getting into writing lyrics... Any tips for starting bands at a young age like mine?

-Thanks, Leo Ryan
I got into my first band just as I turned 16, you're probably about average age Talking to classmates at your school/ college is a good start, if you can find people who are interested in the same type of music. Otherwise, look around for online adverts and on music shop notice boards
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Pretty much what he said. Just focus on finding people to jam with first and writing material and recording it. I got into my first band at 17. Recording and the bassist (a total prick and 70's original hard rock/heavy metal elitist) is what got in our way.

Also, as seen from your previous thread, I think you're going for a more modern hard rock style like Chem said. But that's aside from the point. Those kind of bands don't really belong here in the hardcore threat. You're better off going into the metal or rock thread. They're not emo or screamo either. Check the hardcore recommendation thread for actual hardcore/metalcore bands.
Welcome to the nightmare called "finding reliable people who don't flake out or suck at playing their instrument." I have found in my 10 years of being in and out of bands that the best way to find people who will stick together is to find people you already know. I've been in 3 bands with the same guy these past 10 years and the constant between all the bands has always been this guy and me. It seems no matter who else we pull in, it causes issues or just doesn't work out. So far though our current project is going well and the drummer isn't a total idiot.

Anyway back on topic. You really need to find people you can trust and work with. If they can't show up to practice or be arsed to work on the songs, then dump them faster then you would a body after a mob hit. It isn't easy and there will be more than one time where you want to strangle the other guy with a guitar string, but find the right group and you'll be set. Also don't piss the drummer off too much. Flying drum sticks hurt.

As far as writing music goes, you either can, or cant. I personally am not the best song writer, but I can take a song and fill in the blanks or beef up a part that is lacking. You will need someone who can actually write music though. Period. Preferably someone with a stringed instrument. If the drummer is worth a damn he should be able to fill in the gaps but it helps to have someone who knows music timing other than the drummer to help keep it all together.

You're 15 so I wouldn't stress about it too much. You have time and more than enough years to find like minded musicians. Don't beat yourself up or get too discouraged, but you will face unbelievable hells of which the likes you have never seen before.
step 1 - find band members
step 2 - make songs
step 3 - profit (tbh youre not really gonna make any money though)