At present I am trying to muddle my way through Parisienne Walkways by one Mr Gary Moore

I don't believe I am anywhere near the great ones level, indeed not fit to lace his boots.
I am sure that everyone tries to play something of a similar level by one of their heroes and fails just as bad as I am atm lol

So my question is simply what do you do, do you keep going, cheat by picking the odd pull of / hammer on and ignore your feeble attempts to bend / bend / pull off. Or do you just give up in sheer frustration to return a day or two later with renewed vigor (if not competence ) ?

Atm I am still trying to do it correctly, slowing the song down to about 75%. Pull offs definitely need more work so I will practice that for the next day or two with easier songs thrown in to keep my self belief up
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Persevere and postpone. Some challenges are good so it's always nice to stick at it, but there are some challenges that you just need to hold off on and come back to after a while. A challenge is good, but there can be challenges which are too hard. Postpone that challenge for 6-12 months or so then come back to it and see if things are easier. If you think that's a long time to wait it's actually rather short in the grand scheme of things. There are songs right now you may have to come back to in 10 years.
Keep on going with it. I remember learning PW in my guitar lessons. That song pretty much was my introduction into correct and controlled string bending. After learning it I was a lot more skilled. Getting that song down earned me a new guitar for Xmas, so I had extra motivation to persevere but still, don't lose heart. Gary Moore was an exceptional player with massive amounts of talent and skill. You won't get anywhere by giving up. That being said, you have to have realistic expectations. You're not going to nail it overnight. Frustration is the enemy.
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When I first started playing I was trying to learn stuff that was 100 miles beyond my level. Looking back it was a huge waste of time. I should have spent my time learning all the beginner stuff, then moving on to the intermediates stuff, and maybe then tackling the advanced stuff. All I really accomplished with my approach was to build up finger dexterity.