Now I understand that these seem to be the most counterfeit of the Les Pauls. At least to my understanding, but could anyone give me tips on what to look for and if they are good guitars and there value. Thank You
The problem is that up until recently a Chinese made Gibson counterfeit was fairly easy to spot if you know what to look for. The bridge had a screw head on the post instead of just a flat pin type holding up the bridge, the binding on the neck didn't cover the fret ends, the truss rod adjustment end was an allen wrench type adjuster (different from a Gibson LP truss rod), they had micro phonic pickups that feedback easily and a few other very easy to spot differences (although they look very good and play fairly well with a little work).

Recently the Chinese are now offering counterfeit Les Paul's with all of those features fixed at a slightly higher price. Binding over frets (yes), Gibson style truss rod (yes), Gibson style bridge without the screwdriver slot (yes), wax potted pickups (yes). If you are unfamiliar with the counterfeits or don't know someone who is I can only suggest that you buy from a reputable music store who can guarantee that it is a real Gibson.
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Supremes come with certificates. Look for that.

COAs are a marketing gimmick and are of absolutely no value for determining authenticity. Anyone who can fake an entire guitar can fake a COA.

The easiest way to confirm authenticity is to take a good pic of the top in bright light and send the serial number to Gibson asking for a photo. They’ll send you a high-res photo for comparison. If the tops don’t match, it’s fake. If you like solid colors you’ll need to buy from a reputable dealer.
You are right about the COA. The counterfeits come with a Gibson factory final inspection check list cards, a full color Gibson owner’s manual, Gibson stickers and all the trimmings. They all are printed beautifully and look legit. The serial numbers are generic and don't often match the modal of the guitar it is on. The serial number on a counterfeit Les Paul Standard might be for a Supreme or a Custom. Sometimes I understand they match the modal they are on but not often.
Supremes suck anyway, don't buy one

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The counterfeits really aren't hard to spot. A few decent photographs of the body, sides and headstock will reveal if it's a fake very quickly.
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Rather than buy a overly blingy Supreme I'd use the money for a Custom Shop Les Paul.
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if the supreme has a rear cavity cover, it's a fake.

then again the sticker.

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