So I just spent 30 minutes trying to wiggle out one of the power tubes in my 6505+. It's definitely moving, but it's still stuck in the amp. Is it normal for tubes to be this difficult to remove? I'm worried that I may damage the amp.
Since we don't know how much force you're using, there's no way to answer your question.

But they can stick, and if they do you'll usually need the tube socket replaced, which isn't difficult, just inconvenient.

If you have to replace the power tubes it's not like it's an option, right?
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I would remove the chassis from the headshell, spray a tad of Dioxit contact cleaner (NOT WD40 and the like) around the base and pull like a mofo.

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It helps if you use one hand to hold open the retaining spring a tad and the other to pull the tube out.

Be careful you don't yank it and smash the tube on the inside of the head. Or as others have suggested, take the amp out of the shell first.

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