Hi everyone,

Still experimenting with synth/piano sounds and doing production/mixing myself, I've included a link to my newest ambient track and any critique (preferably constructive) is appreciated. Happy to look at and critique your tracks as well, I've been finding some pretty awesome music C4Cing in here!


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I've had a listen to your track, the chord progression with the synth part is great and really interesting -there were a couple of chordal/note changes around 0:51 and 1:21 which caught my attention. There was one note around :30 which seemed quite dissonant compared to the chords and the rest of the notes within the melody.

The production of the synths was nice. It reminded me bait of the Devin Townsend Project minus the vocals. I liked the introduction of the guitar part around two thirds of the way through, it'd be cool to add in a second guitar part or a buss that had a high mix of the wet reverb signal to blend in the guitar to the synths and give an even greater impression of space.

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