MFR 27/10 - Heads Down, Fuzz Up: Shoegaze Part 4: 2010 and Beyond

Completely forgot, listening now fella.

EDIT: Ceremony were cool, featured on a previous mix for sure. Enjoyed them a bit more this time around but might just be the weather affecting moods and what not. Good stuff.

Highspire may as well fit into an episode of Twin Peaks. It reminded me a LOT of the show, well certain melodies did anyways. Like the chorus I think. Sounded very close to the intro music.

Tears Run Rings kinda passed me by. I did like it though, just not as much the previous track.


Just gonna put this on my "listen" list. Roommate is literally having an all-out "who can turn up their music louder" war. ****ing christ.

From what I can hear The Stargazer Lilies are right up my alley though. Everything from Tears and this track has been indistinguishable from the rest because of the war. But they remind me of Blonde Redhead who are a frequent listen by me.

From what I could hear, Staticdaydream sounded substantially more upbeat and contrasted The Stargazer Lilies quite a bit. Really good stuff too.

Where would you rank bands like Pinkshinyultrablast and Alison's Halo?

I don't really listen to shoegaze/dreampop that much, but those two I listen to somewhat often, relatively speaking.
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I do like Pinkshinyultrablast, a lot more than their namesake album from Astrobrite. They were probably next in line to go on my third mix. I think it was you who turned me onto them, but Happy Songs For Happy Zombies got a lot of time from me a couple of years back.

Alison's Halo are good, though I don't often listen to them.

There were loads of bands I missed that I could easily have included, Airiel, All the Saints, Catherine Wheel, The Daysleepers, The Depreciation Guild, The Fauns, *******s of Distinction, Lowtide, Pinkshinyultrablast, Screen Vinyl Image, and Tamryn were all bands that could have quite easily made one mix or other had it not been for there being so many good bands, and me trying to stick to 8 tracks. (A rule I cheekily broke on this mix. )
Haven't listened yet, but I saw Alison's Halo mentioned and I would consider Eyedazzler to be one of The Absolute Best Shoegaze Albums Ever. I was speechless when I heard it for the first time. I was wondering if a track from that would show up in any of these mixes.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing this soon.
Rocket Fire is the best album ever and Stars Fall is my favorite off that album.

Highspire - Don't think I've listened to them before. I like it.

Tears Run Rings - Cool. Like the female vocals and the chorus is catchy as ****.

93MillionMilesFromTheSun - Enjoyable

Black Hearted Brother - Sort of reminds me of Malory. Definitely will check them out

The Cherry Wave - Ah yes, I have this EP on my computer. At your recommendation IIRC. Pretty good stuff.

Flyying Colours - One of the catchiest guitar riffs I've heard from a shoegaze band. Overall a pretty cool song. Another band to check out

The Stargazer Lilies - Almost lulls me to sleep. Although a it's kind of a melodramatic song it's also very hypnotic. They don't really blow me away but I enjoy their material quite a bit.

Static Daydream - Ending on a happy note. Almost a Rocket Fire-esque sound to it but not quite as intense.

Well, it's been fun. Epic compilation of mixes. A lot of them I already heard and liked but this last mix gave me plenty of new stuff to check out.
Nice, glad you enjoyed it.

Not sure if you saw what I'd said last week, but Static Daydream is a new project from Paul Baker, who was in Ceremony up until last year. So the Rocket Fire comparison is probably quite accurate as he'll have written half of that album.
Ah you do yours, though if you wouldn't mind could you shove me on the list for after?