I have a question:

Is there a cheap way to have a switch to select the channels on the amp (Marshall JVM 410H) and also turn some pedals on and off? For example: if I want my clean sound I want my amp to switch to channel 1, my noise gate to turn off and my reverb to turn on. Then i switch back to rhythm and there I want my amp to switch to channel 3, my reverb to turn off, my noise gate to turn on and my overdrive to turn on.

Is there a solution to this?

Depends on what you want. the cheapest decent MIDI board is this
which is $200+ depending on your area then you need a MIDI interface/router so you can have control over the FX your using. which can get very expensive very quick
Get one of these:

The guy can custom make them to any amount of pedals you need. I have one for my Blackstar Series One. Brings pedals in and out (true bypass) and changes amp channel via midi.

Clean - clean channel + chorus + reverb
Cheese - rhythm channel + chorus + reverb
Rock - rhythm channel + reverb
Shred - lead channel + delay + line selector (used as a clean boost) + reverb

One tap, multiple pedal and channel changes.
What I do is use a multieffects unit for cleans and my amp for distortion. That way you can kinda do what you described, just without actually changing your amps channel.
If your amp has midi it is simple. If not you might have an option to get multidx that can switch amp channels or some elaborate analog switch setup. Boss GT-100 can switch analog channels as long as it is 2 channel amp.
I would just use an FX looper, surely those are capable of doing this right?
a bypass looper will work on your FX, but not your amp unless there is some fancy looper with support for a amp line in. get a cable by itself and run it from the amp in??? not sure.
My recommendation is Voodoo Labs GCX + Ground Control Pro. It's designed to do exactly what you want it to do. I just added it to my setup and I love it. No more tap dancing!
Quote by luvs2gro
I would just use an FX looper, surely those are capable of doing this right?

not in this case. the jvm410 uses midi for channel switching. however there are some looper designs with a TRS out, which will control the majority of amp channel switching.
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