Hi There.

I'm gonna buy some footswitches soon, for my rackunit.
I've found the Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch.
But something got me wondering; can I control two effects with this switch?
Let's say I wanna control two effects on one of my presets, let's say Overdrive On/Off & Chorus On/Off.
Would it be able to do that?

Thank a lot!
All it is is two foot switches that can be either momentary or latched. They are independent of each other so it can be used to switch any two devices that have the facility to use a foot switch. So it all depends on the units they are switching. If the units have a foot switch socket then you can use it. What are you trying to switch?
Hi Cathbard :-)

The footswitch is for my Boss GT-PRO rackunit. The GT-PRO has the facility to use footswitches. It has the ability to use 4 footswitches, which can be assigned.
So I guess that it would work? :-)

I wanna use footswitches for a lot of my patches, so that I can control various effects on those patches.
Hey Offworld92.

Yeah, I know, but for the time being I really don't need nor can afford it.. So I found out that 4 footswitches should do the trick :-)
You can sometimes pick up Boss FC-50 MIDI controllers on ebay really cheap. I got one for $40.
Yeah, alright.

- How about those Behringer AB200, would they do the same trick as the Boss FS-6?
Yeah, they're basically a copy. I can't in good conscience recommend Behringer though. Behringer stuff is mostly complete crap that won't stand up to the rigors of gigging. It's what you buy when no other option is available to you.
Okay, thanks, Cathbard.

How about the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Controller. Yeah, I know it's Behringer again, but I've seen a lot of people out there using those and really like them??
And how about the Eureka Proms that you can buy and change in the FCB1010??
That's actually one of the few Behringer products that people are having success with. We don't hear many people complaining about those. At the right price? Sure, give it a go.