Hi, I've been looking in to buying a electric guitar with a floyd rose for under 400$. I've found multiple B.C. Rich mockingbird ST used for under 400$ but i don't know how good they are. If you could tell me if their any good and if not suggest a guitar with floyd rose that doesn't have the strat style of body shape that would be great!
the cheapest BC Riches get a bad rep but supposedly after a certain point they get decent/good. I suspect the one you're looking at is where they get decent, but don't quote me on that (and I haven't tried it so it's only hearsay anyway).
Unless you go used, you're not going to get a real Floyd Rose in that price range. You may get lucky and find something with a "Floyd Rose Special". I'd go for that, in that price range. Most of what you'll find that cheap is going to have licensed Floyds, though, and those are typically not that great.

I'd just scope the used market like you're doing. You might be able to find a Jackson, Schecter, LTD, or Ibanez. Just make sure it's got a real Floyd or a Special at the very least.
I'd recommend a jackson js32 with a floyd rose whatever shape you want , they got Vs , rhoads , explorers(kelly) , warrior
Floyd rose isn't great though especially for cheaper guitars and over all i prefer fixed bridges
The Mockingbird st actually comes stock with a Floyd 1000 series. It is also neck through with an ebony board. Judging from reviews, it seems to be BCR's most consistantly well recieved model in recent years.
The Agile Les Paul (ish) guitars at Rondo Music are pretty good. I don't see one on the site at the moment (models come and go and you have to strike while they're in stock, ala CostCo), but the AL-2000 Floyd is interesting and unusual in a couple of respects (I've got one).

The AL-2000 Floyd is within your price range, comes with rosewood fretboard, 14" radius, jumbo frets, pearloid inlays, single binding on fretboard and body, yada yada. But it's a 24-fret board with the 24th fret about where the 22nd is normally, and that gives you great upper fret access. In order to accommodate that, the bridge and bridge pickup are moved about 3/4" toward the neck pickup. It's subtle unless you're looking for it. But wait, there's more. One of my gripes about standard LPs is the clunky neck heel. The AL 2000 Floyd has a "tilted" neck heel that's nearly as usable as the Gibson Axcess neck heel (I own one, so I have a basis of comparison). That's huge in terms of using the guitar in the upper fret regions.

The Floyd is a relatively cheap Korean one, but the expensive Schaller Floyd is a drop-in replacement. I've got one on a shelf, waiting for the cheapo to give out, but whatever it is, it's doing a great job and working fine as one of my bar guitars.

I've got another Agile with a Floyd that's just OUT of your price range (at $479 plus case and shipping). It's not a 24-fret neck, and the neck heel is standard clunky. But the fretboard is real ebony, the inlays are MOP and the binding around body and headstock is multi-layer. The Floyd is a step up (still Korean production). 14" radius, jumbo frets.

The Gibson closest to it would be the current Traditional Pro II Floyd, available for $2399 (plus tax, with case), except that the Gibson has an OEM Floyd (not the German one), rosewood fretboard and medium ("27% lower") frets with 12" radius and single binding on body and fretboard only.
Do you have any other specs in mind? Also, what styles do you play?

There's the Kramer Assault 220fr. It's a 25.5 scale les paul style with a floyd special for about $375USD.
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I play hard classic rock and metal, classic rock side of things stuff like metallica. And for newer likes of heavy metal. The whole reason for me buying a guitar with floyd rose is so I can play eruption by Van Halen in about 2 months hope this helps!
A brief search of the guitar center website turned up this thing:http://m.guitarcenter.com/AXL-Bloodsport-Fireax-Electric-Guitar-512222-i1171381.gc

BC Rich seems to be more ib accordance with your specs as far as I can tell from GC. I do own the Mockingbird st and thing it might suit you pretty well. My only complaint would probably be toward the pups, which I find rather muddy. But it is probably better then other BCRs new in the same price range.
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