Hey guys

So after one guitarist departed, our band only has me - guitarist/vocal and drummer. Since we're new band and our genre direction is synthrock, kinda Alt J/Foals-like, I'm seeking advice for creating backing track. So far what I'm learning is using Ableton Live to take advantage of its synth, but I'm wondering if using a synth software instead is better. If so, then what do you guys recommend ?

If the synth software is a way to go, then which one among these should I pick?
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Making a backing track, a DAW like Ableton would be very useful. If I wanted to make a backing track, I would use Ableton WITH a software synth.

In terms of synths, Massive, Razor, FM8, Sylenth1 and Razor are what I use. But synths if you have not used one before could take a bit of getting used to before you get that perfect sound you wanted. I would recommend Massive, because it is so widely used, you can find tutorials, presets everywhere, which can be used to learn about the synth is created.

If you do download a few synths and find them quite cumbersome to use, and want to get jamming right away, look into Nexus, it is a synth which is only presets (and a few knobs). Its very useful for when you cannot be arsed to make a synth and just want to see what your melody sounds like using a variety of synths.
It's a big topic. I haven't used enough DAWs to recommend one over another but I use FL Studio to make backing tracks. My band used to play along to a rhythm n' synth track before we got a drummer. I learned how to use synths by using the 3xOscillator from FL, it's about as simple as it gets - 3 oscillators, filter, envelopes and LFO but you can really hone in on the basics of synthesis by using it. Once you've got that stuff down you can add crazy effects and make something original sounding.

As a side note, if you're looking for synth players they're usually easy to find. There's piano players everywhere and they're usually not that sought after by bands, and synth lines usually aren't that difficult to play.