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Has anyone tried it out BIAS Desktop on Mac/Windows?
Yes I have tried it.

I really was not impressed with it.
Plus, the basic version has nothing more than the basic iOS version as far as I'm getting, and it costs 5 times more.

I had much fun designing the amp's stages and putting stuff together, but it disappointed me when it came down to plain and simple sound - it doesn't sound natural, organic, warm, and all that stuff people associate with tube amps.

Distorted stuff isn't that bad, though I'd rather take some LePou LeXtac over most of it for both convenience of use and sound result.

Clean stuff is underwhelming - it sounds dull.
It doesn't sound like it's not passed through an amp, nor it sounds like it's passed through the components that I designed.
It sounds top down dull.

Have you tried the softube amp rooms in turn?
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Interested to see how you guys like the desktop version of BIAS and the Amp Matching feature!
I haven't tried the iOS version, but overall the desktop one didn't live up to my expectations.

Lotsa pretty and funny and interesting features, but it doesn't sound particularly good imo.

Then, I don't really know if you're only a relatively inexperienced (about audio) sales rep or you actually understand what this much advertised amp matching feature is, though in any case...
It's a simple and featureless EQ matching.
You can do the same thing with more accurate results with one of Logic's stock plugins, izotope's EQ matching plugin, fabfilter pro-q, nugen seq-s and a lot of other plugins.

So the only thing I think about the amp matching feature is that positive grid's marketing division made it sound like it's a breakthrough and it's the same thing the kemper PA has, and nobody at positive grid really made anything to have people thinking otherwise, and that I really don't like.
Here's a comment:
This has to be the sixth or seventh account from your company, most of them pretending to just be users and the rest just overt advertising. It makes you look bad. Stop.