Hey guys, i've been trying to do some research but i can't find solid evidence of any of this.

I'm trying to jump into the world of Midi since my amp is midi switchable. Trying to cut out the tap dancing on stage.

Can you guys name any rack effects processors than can run (x) amount of effects through my Amps FX loop. and simultaneously run effects in front of the amp?
That calls for a stereo unit with independently modifiable channel fx.

The TC electronics g major can do that I think.
Also the alesis quadraverb 2.

But what do you want to do exactly?
Basically I want to run things like delay, reverb, eq, ambient fx in the fx loop.
And things like a boost /OD and noise gate in front
You sure you want a mfx unit for all that?

'cause units that do everything usually don't do anything really good, and units that do stuff good, say a Lexicon MX, don't do anything apart from a couple fx.

Also units that imo sound good for fx and that are designed to be put in fx loops, say the quadraverb 2, don't do distortion good.

So, while you may as well use a g major (I think) or a Q2, you might wanna consider getting more than one unit unless space and really big convenience were serious issues - a $50 pedal will boost your signal better than whatever mfx that does ambient stuff good if ya ask me.
my biggest issue mainly. Is that the only things i keep in front of my amp is my sonic maximizer, tuner pedal, tubescreamer, and noise gate. not in that order obviously.

They all stay on for the most part and i don't touch them.

I just dont want to tap dance the OD off when i go clean on stage.
GT-10 or GT-100 from Boss can do that in 4 cable configuration (look it up if you don't know how to do 4 cable). The midi controlled in the Boss floorboard takes care of your switching on the amp. I think the flagship from Line6 can also do the same thing, or at least the one they had few years ago did.

Voodoolabs GCX and their midi board might be able to do that with rack midi fx but I think might be too much work to set up properly:

From what I remember you can get rackmount fx processors, from TC, Roland, Yamaha, etc. and use midi controller on stage to switch that and the channels, but still the Boss solution proved the most effective and simplest to do. I just created a long batch of cables that I tied together (3 analog and one mid cable) and color coded with el. tape on the back of my rig and my Boss GT-10 pedal, it was a breeze to set up.