Poll: how often did you/do you sleep in class?
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every class always why am I even in school
1 2%
some classes sometimes
10 21%
once in a while
28 58%
everyday, but only in some classes
9 19%
Voters: 48.
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how often do you/did you do it, if at all? I end up sleeping in government a lot, which gets me yelled at a lot. But tbh there aren't any classes I haven't fallen asleep in once or twice.
i slept through more or less every lesson in high school
i slept through most of my first two years of uni
i'd occasionally doze off in American law in high school, but other than that I never was one to sleep in class. Because I'm not a garbage student.
I almost fell asleep this morning.... the guy sitting next to me whispered my name and startled me awake. I was too embarrassed to doze off again after that....
I was put on quetiapine when I was at college. It happens to have a sedative effect. I lost a week.

Otherwise, I usually rest my chin on my hands , close my eyes, and just listen.
I'd get sleepy occasionally but never enough to sleep in class. It's dumb and almost like giving the middle finger to the teacher. There was one time where I was really sleepy and closed my eyes for a little bit and when I opened them one of my friends drew a giant dick on my paper.
I've never fallen asleep in school, partly because paranoia I'd sleep talk, partly because adderall.
I've recently fell asleep in class after a good night.

Too little sleep and too much alcohol.
My head hurt and I was tired and I had reasons.
It rarely happened in most classes, but I had a few classes that seemed to put me to sleep without fail.
i think it's pretty rude tbh, unless the teacher is not even nice anyways then who cares

never did but i have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar situations and would have felt too anxious. i think the one time i ever did was in chemistry, i did an all-nighter because i saw a midnight showing of a really long movie and sleep would have just sucked. i was trying to stay awake but it was honestly one of the strangest experiences of my life. it felt like days and i was incredibly disoriented and i sorta fell asleep with my head falling down and started dreaming like 50 times and i had no idea what was going on. then there was groupwork with this girl i hated where i kept doing it lol
I don't think i've done it before.

In uni though I see a lot of people falling alseep. Especially on Wednesday morning at 9am, we have to watch a film in the dark so its pretty easy to fall asleep.
Occasionally I stay in bed and skip class, but I would never go to class and sleep.

Pointless and disrespectful.
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Occasionally I stay in bed and skip class, but I would never go to class and sleep.

Pointless and disrespectful.

This, but I have gone to class and slept. It is disrespectful, but it's not like I had anywhere to go to sleep because it was high school and my parents took my attendance very seriously.

This guy in my 8AM class at university sleeps through the whole lecture, I wonder why he even shows up because attendance isn't taken.
I've never fell asleep in class. That's not to say I didn't find the classes boring, but I respected the teacher enough that it was their life to teach the class, so I should at try to stay awake.
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I've never fell asleep in class. That's not to say I didn't find the classes boring, but I respected the teacher enough that it was their life to teach the class, so I should at try to stay awake.

Not even English class?
Never, I managed to stay awake because I slept well at night.

Actually there was one week where I fell asleep in most of my classes because I ****ed my sleeping pattern.
Lots in high school
None at college because I'm actually interested in what's going on...unless it's random waffling or more revision which happens from time to time.
by my fourth year in college, i was convinced that i was totally incapable of staying awake during lectures
I slept through pretty much every class because I was a lazy little bugger and preferred to spend all night playing video games and using School as my bedtime.

Teachers eventually grew to not care though since I still passed pretty much everything with good grades whilst the kids who actually stayed awake and paid attention failed horribly...Because I'm a mother fkin genius.
I sometimes fell asleep for a few minutes at a time in high school. I'd be up for days at worst and just usually tired. Not even because I was really busy or anything, I just get engrossed in shit and can't sleep lol. It's disrespectful but I really tried to stay awake and never just full on slept through a large portion of a class. Usually the teachers didn't gaf or would joke about it.

I've gotten past this and haven't had these issues in college. I still have bad sleep habits but college is different.
I always slept in my math class. It's funny because i'd always wake up with a boner from that class and have to walk from that math class to other classes that I gave a shit about with a raging hard on.
I slept in my morning classes a lot in the last two years of high school but once I started paying for education I was reasonably diligent during lectures.
During my tech related classes in high school everyone would play Halo. We always had these huge lan battles. Outside of those classes, yeah slept whenever i had the opportunity.

Never slept during college cause i never scheduled a class before 11 am.
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I had an English teacher who let us do whatever we wanted as long as we were done with all our work so I just wrote really fast and took a half hour nap each time.

I don't sleep in class now because it's bad for my neck but one time I kept falling asleep during a midterm so I just did it really fast and left early. I also sleep at work a lot because it's early in the morning and I have to wait for the computer to do stuff in between things I'm supposed to do.
most of high school i slept through

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Sleeping in class is for losers who don't want to graduate.

sleeping in class is for people who are tired and have all of their homework done
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I'm a senior in university, and I fall asleep like 50% of the time in my physiology class. I'm a physiology major, but the tone of it is just so friggin droll. I have to do seated ab exercises to stay awake.
I can't fall asleep in class no matter how tired I am. As soon as I start to nod off, my brain goes "OH SHIT!" and I snap back to reality. I think it's partly because I think it's rude to sleep in class, and also because I'd be self-conscious of the possibility of me snoring or doing something else goofy.
I fell asleep in Math yesterday and the day before but that's the only time this year I've feel asleep. I lost a lot of notes too, I wouldn't recommend sleeping in class.
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