Hey guys! So right now I have the usual 0.10 strings on my Jackson guitar. Recently I've been playing in D standard and I've started to want a more heavy sound. Now I want to know some strings that make a heavier tone and works well in D tuning that can bend quite well.
Yep, 10-52 for me too. My Schecter is currently in Drop C#, but it does good in D standard as well.
10-52 is a decent recommendation.

FWIW, strings are the very *last* thing in your rig's chain that you need to work with (though most newbs start with those because they're the cheapest). Start on the opposite end with speaker cabinets (if you have shiny new strings but your speaker cabinet can't reproduce them, then you're not getting any heavier). Then amp, then pedals, then pickups and last of all, strings.
At your level I wouldn't pay that much attention to strings. Just get an Ernie ball or a D'addario 10-52 set and you should be all set on that part. There isn't such a huge difference between different brands etc. when it comes to strings, they all feel marginally the same if we're talking about basic strings with the same gauge.
i use the ernie ball extra beefy i think they're called. it's the yellow pack and I play in Db standard tuning and I think they sound great.
Yea, strings are probably the least of your problems. I find you should choose your strings based more on playability than anything. For example- i like elixirs because the coatings make them stay fresh for me for so long. Uncoated strings feel like gunk after hours. And I like 10 gauge in C standard tuning. You would think they would be floppy but they work just fine for me and theyre very comfortable and playable. They sound just as heavy as all other strings and gauges ive tried (from 12 gauge, and from 9s). Good luck
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I second/third/whatever the notion that the strings will make very little tonal difference. I use 13-56 Ernie Ball nickel-plated steel for open D, and I would also use them for standard D, but I wouldn't argue against 12-52.