I am about to buy another guitar and i would like to know which guitar you experts think is best under 500 bucks. It doesnt matter if its new or old, it just has to be GOOD thanks for posting!!!
Depends entirely on what you want it to do. What bands do you listen to? What kind of music do you like to play? What amp are you using? And where do you live?
I like the black keys franz ferdinand the white stripes, i like the rock/blues tone and i can buy it online or online
Seconding G&L- especially the Tribute line- and check out new/used Fret-King Black Label or Blue Label guitars.
Both Hagström and G&L are very reliable, quality manufacturers. An used made in mexico fender tele would also be a safe choice, they're nice guitars for the price.
A Gretsch Pro Jet would do the trick. It has an in between sound that is a little twangy and a bit beefy and well you just eq the rest and get your sound. Love mine it ran me 360 street price 400. You want a Bigsby on it 500.
If you like the White Stripes and Black Keys, specifically look for the G&L ASAT Special Tribute. It's got the big overwound MFD's that give you a great crunchiness without the mud and splatter of your normal P90. Fantastic pickups.
do you know of any brand that made models similar to les pauls which are quality but under 500?
I'm something of an Epiphone fan. For that price tag, many of their Les Paul variants can be had. The venerable G-400's are decent as well; in fact I got a used G-400 Goth for my birthday some months back for around $200, in fantastic shape, and I love it! If you want a semi-hollow, can't go wrong with an Epi Riviera or Casino.

Dunno how you're going to fare being in London and Agile (it's a house brand of Rondo Music, an online seller) being in New Hampshire, but all three of the Agiles I own represent outstanding quality and playability for the money. Two of mine were under $500, one over. They also have a "semi-custom shop" wherein most of the guitars exceed your budget (mostly due to buyers' tendencies to check a lot of the options boxes).
Just an idea here, I didn't check thoroughly, but I was pleasantly surprised by a Gibson LPJ the other day. Felt pretty decent and I was surprised to see the price tag on a Built in USA Gibson.

If you have the chance to put your hand on one, that might be a nice axe for you!
I don't pretend to be an expert on anything... and I probably don't have a right to be speaking here at all... but if you like arch-tops, the Ibanez AF75 TDG goes for +/- $500.

Got mine second-hand, and the previous owner bought it new and had it for a year. I love it. Doubt anybody else will, but its versatile. Double humbuckers, three-way switch, Bigsby-style whammy bar, and volume and tone controls for both pickups. If you play her right, she really sings. Sounds nice with distortion, too.
I'm thinking the next one I want to get is a B.B. King copy off Chinese ebay for like $150
Quote by darkriven
I'm thinking the next one I want to get is a B.B. King copy off Chinese ebay for like $150

I was right you are a shill for the counterfeiters. Brand new "member" only two posts and both for illegal counterfeit guitars. The farce is strong in this one and forsee great things for you on this forum.

Oh & reported.
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Also from Ibanez' Artcore line, the AM73b. Fairly bare bones but looks pretty killer. I'm pretty sure it's about 400 bucks.
I once bought an Airline Twin Tone at GC for, I think, $250 with a nice Eastwood case. Great guitar, but I foolishly sold it to buy an SG. It had great tone, a really smooth neck, and amazing action.

There are places on Ebay selling the same guitar for $500 plus shipping.
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If you're in the UK I'd rule Agile out. Shipping, Import tax and VAT would kill it. Plus, you're liable for any damage done to the guitar in shipping once you sign for it. At least in the UK.