I'm trying to quiet a hum from my guitar that stops when I touch the input jack. It only becomes a real issue on the lead channel of my amp(5150 combo), but it stops when I touch the cord. I checked the soldering visually, no loose connections.
Not too long ago I had the big block upgrade done to my Floyd Rose by a tech. I'm wondering if I could improve my ground by scraping some of the coating off of the noiseless trem springs I got with the upgrade.
Anyway I'm looking for some advice.
Thanks in advance.
Try a different instrument cable and see if you see the same problem. It may be just a cheap cord. It happens to me sometimes too.
Thanks Tyler, yeah, I tried that first. I think it's a ground issue. I have noisy pickups, a notoriously noisy amp, and mediocre cords.
You need to ground your guitar, or however they call it.

Plenty tutorials on how to do it on the internet, and I think also in the gear building and customizing section in this forum.
I looked at all the soldering and it seems ok. There is a 1/4 inch strip of shielding tape going from the pot, up the side of the cavity, to one of the screw holes. I can't imagine this doing a whole lot of grounding. Plus, I think the ground to the spring claw ends there because of the coating on the springs.
Sounds like it needs a decent ground. If the claw springs are coated, yeah you need to have a good ground somewhere in that area. So you may have to scrape some coating off. It needs a small ground wire running from one of the pots to the bridge somewhere it can get a good connection, if all the solder joints look good, (silver and shiny, not gray and dull) find a place on the bridge itself if you can, even if it's just cinched underneath the bridge body between bridge and wood. One of mine is done that way, only place to put it. That one is a 1966 Harmony with a wooden bridge, under the string holder cap is the only place it would go. But it works fine..

If possible find a place on the bridge, or make sure at least one of the springs has a clean metal connection and connect it to the fulcrum block. At the spring claw might work too, but you'll need clean connections at both ends of at least one spring. Hard to describe without seeing what you're dealing with...
Hey Paleo Pete,
I put some copper shielding tape inside the control cavity, and that reduced the hum some. I took the springs off again and did a more thorough job scraping the coating off the ends.
It worked. Now, when I touch the jack, nothing happens.
Measure the resistance between the shield of the output jack on the guitar and the strings. If it doesn't look like a dead short then the connection to the bridge is faulty. If it is a dead short, I'd be looking at the cable you are using. There's a bad ground somewhere.

Edit. Sorry, missed that you fixed it. From what you said, I'd say that cleaning and moving shit around is what has repaired the earthing.
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Hey Cathbard, yeah, when I touched the spring claw, the hum decreased, but not when I touched the trem block or springs, nothing happened. Those springs were part of an upgrade I had done in a shop, so I got it back with a bad ground. I'm gonna take some advice you gave someone else, and learn to fix,adjust, and maintain my own stuff.