Recently I've been getting into hitting the guitar to get percussive effects, stuff along the lines of Don Ross and Andy Mckee.

My guitar is not an acoustic-electric so i was considering getting a sound-hole pickup in order to amplify the percussive effects. However, i am unsure if a soundhole pickup could handle me hitting the guitar. Would it replicate the sounds i get when hitting the neck and the different parts of the guitar body, or would the sound explode/give me unwanted sounds?

Also, would the pickup get in the way?. I don't
want to end up hulk smashing the thing until it stops working.

Please let me know if there is a better way to amplify the sound.

Also forgot to ask, would using a sound-hole pickup work if I'm recording?

I was considering getting something like this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seymour-Duncan-Woody-SC-Single-Coil-Soundhole-Pickup-100068828-i1127490.gc

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Some soundhole pickups, such as the Baggs M1 and M80, are designed specifically to pick up body sounds in addition to strings sounds. I have the M1 and just tried it. It picks up body tapping very strongly, neck and headstock somewhat less. "Ordinary" soundhole pickups like the SD Woody wouldn't do this to any great extent, and so wouldn't be suitable.

You would probably be better off installing a piezo SBT (soundboard transducer) and getting a good external preamp. The K&K Mini Western is very popular, combined with something like a Red-Eye or Baggs Para Acoustic DI preamp - one full-time pro I know uses the K&K/Red-Eye combination. Fishman and Baggs both make good piezo- onboard preamp systems, and there are also less expensive options like Artec and Behringer.
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If you want to get the percussive sounds you're going to need an internal microphone. Andy and Don both use K&K, something like the trinity model (transducer and mic system) would be good, and adding in a magnetic pickup in separately (the best setup would be a piezo/transducer, a mic, and a magnetic pickup with the bass boosted). As Tony Done stated, LR Baggs have a lot of options that include mics. If however you are looking for a soundhole pickup as well, you should check out the Fishman Rare Earth Blend (I believe Jon Gomm uses a fishman humbucker, though I'm not sure if the mic is fishman as well). It's a two part system with an internal mic and soundhole magnetic pickup, and has a blend wheel located on the side of the magnetic pickup. I too have been looking for a pickup system similar to the guys you mentioned, and there are a lot of options. I recommend looking up video demonstrations of these pickups (though not many will show off their percussive capabilities) Between K&K, Fishman and LR Baggs you really can't go wrong, they're all great pickups.