I have Jay Turser Les Paul copy and I am planning to replace my D'Addario nickel wound strings I commonly use (I always used the same gauge - .10-.46, type - nickel wound bright, and manufacturer - D'Addario), with some pure nickel strings of the same gauge and different manufacturer (Dean Markley), and I have some questions about entire thing. Now, this is my first time that I change type of strings (first time I will try pure nickels), and all around the net I found various tips about using pure nickel strings - I read "you don't need to stretch them"/"you need to stretch them but not much"/"don't stretch them at all - it will damage them", "you need to put them on guitar and don't touch them for 24hrs"/"you can play them immediatelly but retune if needed after a day of useage" etc. etc. so I am a pretty confused about topic...

Now, I would like a little help about this and my questions mainly are:

- When I replace nickel wound strings with pure nickel with the same gauge, do I need to do entire setup again (truss rod, action leveling etc. - Intonation will, ofcourse, need to be set, but truss rod and action won't be changed)?

- Do I need to stretch them during tunning or not? I read that stretching of pure nickel string can damage them... While some posts on various forums says that they need to be stretched as steel/nickel wound strings...

- Do I need to leave them "untouched" on guitar for 24hrs before playing? If yes, do I just put them on my guitar and leave guitar for a day and then next day I tune them, or I tune them first (with intonation setup and with/without stretching etc.) and then leave guitar "to rest" without playing for a day and then retune if neccessary and play... or what?

- Are there any other important things about setting pure nickels on a guitar that I need to know?

I hope somebody can help me about this topic because I would like to do this correctly (and I don't have any luthier - closest one is 3 hours by car from me and going there to change type of strings is out of question ).

Pure Nickel strings I will use for start is Dean Markley Helix Pure Nickel with gauge .10-.46 I got from eBay (also, I don't have any mucic shop near me )

Many thanks for help in advance and sorry for my poor English (it is not my native language)