I read somewhere saying that baritone guitars would give a punchier sound in C# than on standard guitars, and it's a sound I want to test. I've currently got 12-60 on my standard guitar, but it doesn't sound that good. D'addario does 13-62 baritone gauges, and I'd like to put that in C# tuning. But I'm not sure which scale length I precisely need.
Anybody got an idea for a scale length that would allow this tuning with that gauge, keeping the strings pretty tight at the same time? I just wanna be sure I can do that without damaging the neck (I'm not sure how much tension is too much tension).
Btw, I prefer ibanez baritones. I'll appreciate any suggestions for a good model.
Baritones are generally 27-28" scale instruments, and usually tuned BEADF#B.

I think the 12's would work best on that scale, tuned to C#.
If your guitar sounds bad in low tunings i'd take a look at pickups and your amp/how you eq it. C# tuning is not that low and IMO baritone scale would not offer benefits. Hell I would say you even use too thick and tense strings for that tuning. Drop a gauge down, may improve clarity a bit. My Cort Z4, 24.75 scale has 11-52 strings and i use it in C# often and it sounds great. Usually its in D but i tune it to C# to get my Bolt Thrower fix satisfied.

Baritone scale is useful for really low tunings, like below B standard, because you can use lighter strings and the sound is brighter. When tuning that low a shorter scale guitar would require VERY thick strings to stay playable but then the sound turns to mud fast.
Ok then, thanks for the info. Though C# is considered the standard by some companies (cleartone strings) but others would prone C for optimal sound (D'addario). I'm just wondering if baritones could make the sound brighter. I've pretty much got enough equipment right now, I mean the tone I've got is fine. It's just that I read that baritones were better for the lower and slightly lower tunings, and I was thinking of replacing the current guitar with one (baritones just look and sound awesome :p).
I hope you can get it figured, because you seem really clueless about anything technical about guitars/gear.
If by standard you mean the companies call the string set "baritone" thats just a name they pull from their asses. Instead look at the tension. 9-42 strings in E standard on 25.5 scale guitar the tension averages around 14lbs. If that is your favourite string gauge for E standard the equivalent gauge to C# would be exactly the 11-52, which on my 24.75 scale guitar is bit looser but still playable without spaghetti syndrome.

D'Addario 13-62 is a perfect set for taking a 25.5 scale guitar to B Standard or Drop A if you like moderate tension. But put the same "baritone strings" on long baritone scale guitar and the tension would be really high! So to put it simply, the so called "baritone strings" are not really optimal for baritone guitar, unless of course you plan to tune it down.