I am on the market for a new second hand guitar. Currently looking at two superstrat guitars of the same model on offer, the only difference being one has a and the other a . The links have technical specs, if you are interested.

This is the guitar with the Wilk VS50 tremolo:

And below is the guitar with the Wilk WVP tremolo:

For those of you familiar with these bridges:
1) Firstly, is either superior over the other in terms of flexibilty; range of motion; abuse tolerance; and overall keeping of the string in tune?
2) Would you recommend either one or both for heavy metal and jazz styles?
3) Can you use either to make effects like divebombs, dimebag squeals etc. a la floating tremolos?

I have been researching these guitars for the better part of the past two weeks. One of the bids ends tomorrow, so I need to reach a decision today. Thank you in advance!
I think both of those are the cheaper Korean (?)-made Wilkinsons. The higher-end ones are made in Japan by Gotoh (e.g. the VS100).

you can probably do those tricks but a floyd would do them better. it depends on how badly you need them, and how much versatility you need for other styles of music. the wilkinsons I've tried (not sure I've tried those ones or not, I don't think so, but the bottom one might be a framus one, I can't quite make out the pic) have been kind of a decent halfway house between a more vintage strat-type 6-screw trem and a floyd, but for the really crazy stuff a floyd is better (IMO).
Thanks. Great observation! Both guitars are ~2006-8 Framus Diablos, so, I am not sure these are Korean

Your remark that a Wilk is a meeting point between a 6-screw and a OFR is about the bottom line of all the reading I did today. However I can't still make a decision between these two guitars :/

Is there some sort of advantage to either type of bridge considering they vary pretty much in the way the saddles are set?
I was under the impression that the vs50 wasn't gotoh/MIJ-made, but I could well be wrong. It's not on the gotoh catalogue on its website, at least.

that's interesting that one of those diablos has the vs50, i don't think that ever came stock? unless the owner broke the original trem and then fitted a cheapish replacement? I dunno.

I have a diablo, lol. Mine has the second trem you posted a pic of, I guess. I've never actually taken it out to see if it says where it's made.
You have a Diablo? How is it? Worth its weight in gold?

Well, that's interesting. According to the era's Framus manual, page 16, the 6-point "Framus Vintage Vibrato" tremolo is likened by function to the 2-point Wilkinson bridge. But, it doesn't say if it's a VS or a WVP style bridge.

Much more important though, is that on their online shop, Framus does sell both WVP and VS50 - scroll to the bottom of this page.

The VS50 guitar might be a custom shop model.
Here are two reviews of the VS100C tremolo (father of the VS-50): one , and one .
It's a nice guitar, yeah. I got it when a shop had a sale on, and they had it on sale for around the price they went for before the Framus prices shot sky high, so I figured it was "now or never", kind of thing.

that negative review you posted of the vs100 is the locking, eggle version- i haven't tried it, but I think the locking mechanism was only on the eggles. I.e. the trem you're looking at on the framus doesn't have that locking capability, and (presumably- as I said, I haven't tried it) doesn't have the problems mentioned in that link.

I know there's a guy on another forum I go to (who seems to know what he's talking about) who doesn't like a lot of the wilkinson trems, he thinks (IIRC) that they're a bit fiddly and a bit of a solution in search of a problem. He may have other problems with them too (breaking? can't remember ), so I figure that's worth pointing out.
I have one of each design on vastly different guitars from at least 25 years apart, and I couldn't say that either does a better job than the other in any particular way. I mostly don't use the trem on either; if there's that sort of hi-jinkery to be done, I'm playing one of the Floyd or Kahler-equipped guitars.
Yeah that's pretty much what I was going to say as well... I'm not the best person to ask about how those trems perform when it comes to the crazy tricks, because I'd just use my floyd-loaded guitars for that when I want to do them.

I suppose even that might tell you something (i.e. they don't do it as well as a Floyd or similar, since given the choice I just use a Floyd), but I'm not the most mechanically-minded person or best at setups, so it's entirely possible you could set a wilkinson or similar up better than I can do it to make it work a bit better for the crazy stuff...
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First of all, thank you for sharing your experiences. I have bought the Diablo with the WVP (simply because it was in a much better condition - absolutely spotless) - and it should arrive here next month.

I think I will set out to make a DIY version of the Eggle VS100C Wilkinson. I have done some research and the mechanical construction looks very very simple. I figured I'll start with a japanese Gotoh vs100-n (very kind words around the internet, and still widely available) - and work out the rest with my car mechanic who has some old school milling and machining equipment in his workshop. I will probably set out to do it in about two months, after I'll have some fun with my brand new toy once it arrives

You can read about that more here: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showpost.php?p=18896922&postcount=29