I can't find anything that does what I want right now.

In a nutshell, I want something like my Line 6 M9, but with sounds I want and footswitches that don't suck.

- About the footprint of the M9 is fine, a little bigger is fine.
- Global tap tempo on board is a must. External tap tempo is a bonus.
- Must be able to have flanger, vibrato and tremolo on at the same time. If it only does flanger and vibrato at the same time, I can live with that/make it work.

The M9 can do all of this, but none of the sounds/models it has do what I want to do. I need an Electric Mistress sounding flanger with a sweep that will correspond to my tap. I need a tremolo that goes completely square, like an on/off effect, not just warbles. And the Line 6 has problems with keeping its FX at unity. The vibrato needs to get very fast and deep, like twice the tap tempo I set.

Something $300-400 or less would be great. I don't need an expression pedal.
Try the Zoom G3/5. I know it's got tap tempo for the looper, not sure about the effects though. Other than that it will do everything you want, and I prefer it to anything Line 6 make.
The G3 looks *almost* perfect but as far as I can tell, it only has tap for delays. wtf.
^ yeah, I know it does for the looper but I'd never looked to see if it does it for delay

Worth considering separate pedals?
A) it's cost prohibitive and B) I want all of my tap as synced up as possible. If I had unlimited funds, I'd pay top dollar for pedals with external taps and have them all synced up to one tap controller in an awesome and elaborate way.

But my funds are very limited.

I can't drop $200-450 on a single pedal to get tap (for instance, Strymon Mobius is the only pedal I know of that exists that has an external tap tempo flanger effect).

And honestly there isn't even any reason for what I want to not be available at a great price other than I always seem to want what no one else even thinks about or wants (no demand).

I think I just have to wait for someone to make what I want. Play with my M9 some more. Maybe if I put a boost in front of it or right after it I'll get more usable levels out of it.

Or else get a Boss GT-100 / Digitech RP1000 and ditch more of my standalones (for space reasons).

EDIT: Does anyone know if the Eventide Modfactor can do multiple FX at the same time? I've read conflicting answers everywhere.
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