I'm selling my "brutal amp of destruction" This is a rare, original VHT Deliverance 120 watt head. I've owned it for about 7 years and it's time to let her go. Mainly because it sits in my closet never seeing the light of day. I'm taking offers so please email me if you're a serious buyer or collector.
This has been kept in excellent condition and is one of the best amps I've ever owned. There is a small scratch in tolex on the top and that's it cosmetically.
Great amp for any type of guitar player!

Taken from VHT site:

"The D120H is a "take no prisoners" amplifier, big on instant gratification and old school spank. Its signature roar & low end thump is awe inspiring, yet the Deliverance clean voicing is as moving as any you will come across, demonstrating the mind boggling versatility of its single expressive channel.
The Deliverance KT88 power amp section is designed for big round tone and dynamic response at low to medium guitar volumes, morphing into rich, thick saturation at full guitar volume with brilliant, cello-like harmonic overtones."

Will only ship within the U.S. PM me and make an offer!