This is a pretty easy straight forward question. In your opinion what are the best 6 inline locking tuners and what makes them better than the others?
Grover. They're system is just so easy to use. No extra knobs to turn, just pull 'em through and start winding. I've got them on both of my teles and I love 'em to death. They're pretty cheap too.
I have used several different brands, and haven't found a bad or truly superior one yet. They're all just fine at what they do.
I love Wilkinson/Jin Ho tuners. They turn like butter, they’re machined from high quality steel so they hold up, and they’re under $40 shipped on eBay. The drawback is that good steel is heavy, so don’t use them on guitars prone to neck dive.
No clue here. I've got Sperzels on a bunch of guitars and they work fine, but I couldn't tell you what's "better" about those or any other lockers.
One of the things I really like about the Grovers is that they look like a normal tuner unless you look really closely. They don't ruin the look of your guitar - if that matters to you.

compared to GFS:
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and Sperzel:

and Schaller:
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How heavy are the Grovers? I need new tuners on one guitar and I might have to try them.
Same as a normal Grover I think. They use a very simple and clever locking system that wouldn't add weight. On the contrary, I'd say they're probably a little lighter. They're all I'll buy now. It's a simple, clever and elegant solution. They must still be under patent. Once that runs out I'd be expecting everybody to copy them.
More love here for Jin Ho JN-07 tuners. Often branded as Wilkinson.

Very good quality, easy install, 19:1 ratio and cheap.