So I'm trying to get a nice metal/shred guitar, but on a limited budget. I just spotted the Ibanez RG421 (HH, mahogany body, fixed bridge) and I love it. Cheap, but the quality seems to be where it matters. I love ibanez, and this looks promising. My situation is that I can only go to the nearest good guitar store around once a year, and I can ask them to order it for me so I can pick it up next time. But I dont like the INF pickups. I want to replace the bridge pickup(dont use the neck much). I'm limited to passive pickups, dimarzio or seymour duncan. I want good clarity, but not like Dimarzio evolutions, where you can pretty much hear your pulse through the strings. I play Buckethead, Metallica, Megadeth, Thrice, Rise Against, Pantera, etc. So metal/hardrock/shred. First choice would be Dimarzio Tone Zone, but all that bass in a mahogany body might not give me enough clarity. Im considering the seymour duncan custom. Also, I dont want anything too "sterile". Any suggestions? I appreciate any input. Anyone who has the Custom in a mahogany guitar, how is it?

TLR: Good metal pickup for mahogany Ibanez?
I had the tone zone in the exact same guitar sounded great bass wasn't overpowering. Also Seymour Duncan black winters are very versatile pickups and not just for metal.
I have a Custom in an alder strat, so not what you're asking for but I can certainly vouch for the clarity. Great for djenty stuff and just fine for thrash. If you wanted to up the sizzle a tad, check out some clips for the Duncan Distortion.