Here's my situation:

I have a Lin 6 spider Valve that I use for the power and the speaker (12" V30)

I currently drive my tone with a ToneLab EX. A valve preamp.

The goal of this setup is to have a polyvalent sound, so that I can play top 40 rock.
Basically, I need to go for multiple sound, going to Slash's, to Tom Morello, to even thing like Marlylin Mason or Ramstein and going back to a Metallica tone.

Recently, I stumble on a classified for a Zoom G9.2TT. It intringed me (most likely the dual Valve setup). Looking more into it, it seems to cover more effects and more amp (well, at least the most popular ones) but I'm not sure about the tonality of the device. Maybe it's the sound of the video I watched, but it feels more "digital" to my ear. Am I right to think this?

So, my question, would I be more pleased with the (apparently) more complete Zoom or should I stick with my ToneLab? Could I be "deceived" by it sounding more "digital"?

Or, what could be the alternative in the same price range?

BTW: I plan on getting an AxeFX one I get more $$ from the gigs, but between now and then, what could be a decent choice?
Could you afford a Line6 POD HD500x? That's a great choice for a modelling pedal unit. The ToneLab isn't a bad pedal, but I think the Line6 is often considered better.
I like the tone of the ToneLab better than the line 6, that's why I don't use the pream of the Spider Valve but only the power. I also used to have a UX2 and when I got the ToneLab, I realy enjoyed the tone a lot more.

Maybe it's the valve, maybe it's a "placebo", but I'd rather stay with, at least, a tube preamp until I can afford the AxeFX.
Stick with your Tonelab. The valves in the Zoom mean little.
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