Having put a new neck on my Strat, some bends felt sticky & the gold veneer on the frets scraped off. It's worse on the higher frets. Here's an example:

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I've done some internet searching & found no-one else mention the problem. Before I but Warmouth customer services, is this going to affect the longevity of the frets, or am I fine to ignore?

I'm happy to just play the crap out of it & clear all the 'stickiness' by essentially scratching off the veneer with the strings. I didn't even want gold frets, and it totally seems like a silly thing to add if it's just going to scratch off.
I haven't seen that before, either. I'd *definitely* call Warmoth about it.
The EVO fretwire is gold through and through. Did you order that with gold fretwire (usually an extra charge)?
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That's strange on their website they claim that the gold fret wire isn't plated but solid throughout. Maybe they painted the neck with the frets on and they forgot to clean them?
The stuff that's coming off is just the varnish they use. I've seen a few Warmoth necks that did that, apparently they spray the varnish after the frets go on. A fret dressing or just playing will flake the stuff off the frets. Nothing to worry about.

The actual golden fretwire is a different product that you would have to order specifically. It's a Jescar wire that is much shinier in appearance, it's not at all like the regular nickel wire picture above.
Are you sure it is not the finish that comes off?

I see you have a maple fretboard, and like a Fender neck, the whole neck including the fretboard is finished. However, unlike Fender who builds and setups complete guitars, Warmoth does not scrape the finish off the frets after the finishing process.

EDIT: Looking more closely at the image, that is just the finish. You don't have gold frets, you have regular frets that has been finished over, per the regular procedure when finishing maple fretboards. Warmoth states everywhere that they don't do complete guitars, neither do they do fretdressing - so unlike with Fender it is up to the builder of the guitar to dress the frets and scrape the finish off as part of the setup process.
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Ooog. Stupid of me not to notice it was a plain maple neck.

Yeah, that's just the lacquer (or whatever they've sprayed the neck with).
Last time I checked, Warmoth was clear that they simply press the frets in and trim them, but that the actual fretwork itself is up to the purchaser. They don't warrant the frets to be level or in any other way ready to play. I have a Warmoth-sourced Jackson neck that was beautifully put together that really needed fretwork before it could be set up. Not unusual at all.

In addition to scraping that lacquer off the frets, you'll probably want to have a good tech go over the fretwork on that thing.
D'oh! Ok, thanks for the help! Maybe I shouldn't take advice so literally when I was told all I'd need to do was bolt it on & sort the intonation.
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Note: On maple necks with maple fingerboards the entire neck is finished including the fingerboard & frets. We do not remove the finish from the frets. This work is part of the set up, assembly and fret leveling process, and these services are not currently available from Warmoth Guitar Products, Inc.
hmm. thats weird. im not sure i like how thats done. plain frets for me please. actually stainless steel for me please.