Hi everyone. I am pretty new to guitars, started playing this year and really enjoying it. Now, i'd like to start collecting stuff for loop pedal station. I understand that i need a soundhole pickup (i have an acoustic guitar), 2 cables, an amplifier and a loop pedal.
For soundhole pickup, i chose this one:


But why is that audio jack so weird and there isn't that thing what i can connect to the amplifier? AND, do i need an amplifier or i can use speakers? What does amplifier do? And how i connect these things to each other?Is that amplifier good?


I am really grateful if you could answer my questions. Im definitely not a pro, but id just like to have some fun playing
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Did you ever get a reply to this? I would like to use a looper or something like a digitech band creator pedal but only have an acoustic guitar. Can I just add a soundhole pickup, plug that directly into the looper pedal, and then plug the pedal into an amp? I don't want to do any modifying of my guitar.
Well, aside from the necro-ing of an ancient thread, yeah.
If you want to loop something, you need to have it on cable first. So you can put a pickup into your guitar, send that signal into a looper pedal, and then into an amp and it's gonna loop for you.