I am currently building a guitar and am in the clear coat phase. I am using rattle-can acrylic lacquer. I was on my second coat of clear coat and noticed a couple of hairs/fibres so I stopped with further coats.

I now need to sand the clear to get the hair out but have I got to sand the whole front or can I just spot sand the area and carry on with the clear or will this be noticeable.

Another question is, because I haven't yet finished all my coats, do I need to scuff the back up before I resume or can I just start spraying straight over the dried clear. Reason I'm questioning this is on the paint I'm using it says to wet sand the final colour coat to 1200 grit to matt the finish before applying the clear. #

In between my first and second coat I didn't have the drying problem because I sprayed the second coat after 15 minutes while the first coat was still tacky as per instructions.
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You can spot sand

So I'm guessing seeing as I am not sanding the whole of the front, I take it I can just carry on spraying the back without touching that either.

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