1. Behringer HB01 Hellbabe wah
2. BOSS BC-2 Combo Drive
3. Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
4. Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive
5. Boss BF-3 Flanger
6. Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
7. Boss TR-2 Tremolo
8. Boss OC-2 Octave
9. Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
10. GarageTone Axle Grease Delay
11. Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb
12. TC Electronic Ditto Looper

thyre all used exapt the ditto looper (about 30$ for a pedal, insane price! someone wanted to get rid of them fast)

as you see in the photo, the first 7 connected together but i dont know how to connect the rest and what is the best way.

i got gibson es335 and ibanez prestige rg (emg pickups) and the Marshall DSL40C amp.

what's your recommendation?

i dont perform on stage or something. im not evan in a band... would you recommend making a pad by myself or buying a made one?
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I'm not evan either, and that's quite a score you got there, Happy New Pedal Collection Day! WTF are you gonna do with all those? How did you end up buying so many pedals at once and how much $?
i'd probably put reverb at the end and the delay just before that.

i'm not sure about the octave or acoustic sim, I don't really use those

EDIT: excellent scores
Its from a friend of my father. He bought a new marshall amp and he needed money. So he figured that the fastest way to get rid of it is to sell it at low price...
The reverb and termolo i bought from someone else (150$ for both of them), looper (new) 130$, and the rest i paid him 230$.

I have no idea what to do with them but im gonna find out i enjoy evan looking at them...


Wah -> Octave -> OD -> other Od -> drive -> [amp if it has an effects loop otherwise just plug into pedal. you could also run on of the od's as a clean boost and put it in the loop if you like that sound.] ->Chorus ->Tremolo -> Flanger -> delay -> 'verb -> looper -> Amp

Experiment with the wah Before and after your Od's. some people run their octaves in the loop/after the dist, I prefer to run my OD out front and before my drive. No idea where the simulator should be. This is also all based upon personal preference and there is no right/wrong/best/proper order for your pedals other than looper should be at the end of the chain.

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Throw away the Hellbabe, they're rubbish. The order boblittle gave you looks about right. You may want to experiment with the flanger out front though. Where you put the flanger is a matter of taste. Try it in both places and see what suits your needs best.
Thanks for the comments!

What about a pedalboard pad?
Do you recommend buying one or make one from wood or something.
And one more question...
Can i get somehow a fuzz sound with those 3 overdrives (pedals 2,3,4 above)?
I'd say the Acoustic simulator should be either the last pedal before your amp or the first pedal in the loop.

You need everything clean for it, so all drives & amp distortion would be off, but you may want to add modulation or delays to it so it needs to be before those.
Whether you make a board or buy one is pretty much up to how good you are at doing that sort of thing. I've always made my own but there are some pretty decent ones available over the counter too.
Take a look at this thread to get some ideas. All manner of shapes, sizes and ideas on how to do it:

If you want fuzz, buy a fuzz pedal. Stacked overdrives can get you there to a degree but it's not quite the same. Fuzz boxes (with the exception of big muffs) intentionally try to create sharp cutoffs of the signal, or "hard knee clipping," whereas overdrives are specifically trying to avoid that.
Quote by Cathbard

If you want fuzz, buy a fuzz pedal. Stacked overdrives can get you there to a degree but it's not quite the same. Fuzz boxes (with the exception of big muffs) intentionally try to create sharp cutoffs of the signal, or "hard knee clipping," whereas overdrives are specifically trying to avoid that.

Yeah. There are a few overdrive (or distortion pedals) which can sort of do a fuzz at some settings, but I'm not sure the 3 you have are in that group (I've only tried the SD1 out of the ones you have, though, so I could be wrong).
Hi there.

A really nice set of pedals you've got there! Enjoy them! :-)

When it comes to connecting pedals there are a few options you can choose to use.

1. There's no rules. Meaning that the pedals you have can be connected in any way you wish to connect them. Many famous guitarists have done so and achieved great signature tones and sounds. But, by following some ground 'rules' you'll get the common order, which secures that each FX is in its right position.

2. Connecting your FX (Not using an 'Effectsloop'):
Guitar - AC-3 - Wah - OC-2 - SD-1 - DN-2 - BC-2 - CE-5 - BF-3 - TR-2 - Delay - Reverb - Looper - Amp.

3. Connecting your FX (Using an 'Effectsloop'):
Guitar - AC-3 - Wah - OC-2 - SD-1 - DN-2 - BC-2 - Amp.
<<Effectsloop send>> CE-5 - BF-3 - TR-2 - Delay - Reverb - Looper <<Effectsloop return>>.

When it comes to a pedalboard then you can do as Cathbard says. I've done that, and it turned out great! But you can also buy a board. Try to find out how much space you need when you pedals are connected. You could try and arrange them i fx 2 rows or something like that. :-)

With the fuzz, then buy a good fuzz pedal, it's hard to get the fuzz-tone from an OD or DS pedal.

Hope this helps ya!
I'd put the AC3 at the very first of the chain, right after the guitar if possible. It was designed to make your electric sound like an acoustic, so the closer it is in being the first of the chain the more effective it will be, plus you get to add all the rest of effects to the simulated acoustic sound.

The axle grease delay is an analog sounding delay, not a lot of delay time in there either, you may find it does slapback delay way better than longer delay sounds. For slapback delay I'd try it out in the front of the amp as well. The reverb & looper will work best in the loop of the amp. Having the looper there means you can loop one channel over the other, say a rhythm section looped with the clean channel & then solo over that with the drive channel. Having the reverb up front of the amp might muddy up the guitar sound.

Those OD pedals won't do fuzzy sounds but may do buzzy sounds well if all are turned on at once.
i didnt order them yet, just put them togheter to see how it looks.

so how does it look until now?
the all process:

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