I've seen people talk about plateaus a lot, but i was wondering about the opposite. is it common to get better at a few things all at once?
Like - did you ever feel like your practice just "clicked" all of a sudden?
Yes recently whilst learning 'Bold as Love' by Hendrix and also a Jazz walking bass.I've been learning them for a few weeks at the same time.
I try and play 'Bold As Love' the way Hendrix did with the thumb over the top but i have small quite chubby hands as opposed to Hendrix's long fingers.I was muffling notes all the time with my hand.Anyway i adapted the way i played(whilst using the same technique) and finally got it,I also memorised and improved a walking bass Bb blues i was learning at the same time.I Practised them every day and spent time overcoming little issues i had and it's finally clicked for me,Just need to keep practising now for that muscle memory.
All the time
I guess it's not that completely unexpected, if you are probably practising/playing more and are more motivated. The more you learn the more there is to learn (too philosophical?).
I love my fingerpicking and thumbpicking kind of stuff. I was trying to work out Bruce Mathiske's cover of Eleanor Rigby a while back, took me ages to work out what was going on - then once I got into the rhythm of it everything else just flowed. Plus it fuelled my creativity Got a few original riffs down shortly after that, and a few original bluesy fingerstyle things happening too.

I remember about a year after I started playing, I reached this real bad plateau, stuck in a rut for ages. Then I got a few lessons and my technique and understanding of music improved a heap, I just needed a boost to get to that next level.
thanks for replies.

i have always been so worried about what my left hand is doing and my right hand would hardly ever be able to get itself into a rhythm. now i'm finally starting to find rhythm.

My right hand took a step forward. i feel less apprehensive about learning new songs and they seem to make more sense as I'm learning them. I think it's a familiarity thing. I'm not freezing up every time i flub a chord.
I'm starting to think that certain songs that i hear on the radio could have been composed with the help of a looper - and maybe i'm wrong every time i think of it but the fact that i'm having that idea at all is a real eye-opener for me.

I've tried to use a metronome before but i never really got it. i couldn't tell if it was helping or not. now i can tell.

I recognized an open E-chord on the radio, and when i checked the tabs i saw that i was right.

So all kinds of things have come together at once. I do still suck as bad as i sucked a month ago, but i think i'm starting to have a better understanding about WHY i suck.
Sounds like progress! I reckon understanding what you are doing is important so you can either fix it or keep doing it. As a rhythm guitarist I know the feeling of struggling to get that right hand into a groove but now it just comes naturally. A lot of beginner and even some intermediate guitarists I've met have trouble getting a natural rhythm going.

Keep it up