I'm trying to find a good replacement for the bridge pickup on my Yamaha RGZ 112P (90's strat knock-off if you don't know). I'm looking for a medium output humbucker pickup, and I have really know idea where to start.

I play a lot of modern sounding, reverby, almost ambient rock. Think Moving Mountains, Appleseed Cast, things like that. So I'm looking for as crystal clear clean tone that I can get.

Playing through a Fender Reverb '65 (I think) Reissue if that helps.

Any recommendations?

Lace Alumitones are extremely clean, but they're not for everyone.

Tesla OPUS HBs are very clean, and so are Golden Age.

If you have a bigger budget, look at pickups from Vintage Vibe, The Creamery, Lollar, and similar companies.
I really like that Tesla Opus-1! Still having trouble finding a good demo video for the Alumitones...

@JustRooster^^ You're great!
Try some TV Jones pickups might fir the bill they are a bit pricey based loosely on Filtron humbuckers. Which means they are a humbucker that is bright and detailed.