Hello everyone I've got a question with which I hope you can help!

I can't seem to get my M-Audio Axiom 25 to work as a controller in ableton live. I had it working when I hooked it up via usb but I want it hooked up via midi cable into my audio interface. The interface is an Akai EIE pro. Using the keys to play midi works like a charm just the controller functions won't work.

When I had it hooked up to usb I could see my axiom 25 in the midi sync settings in ableton but now it says: control surface: axiom direct link (so I choose that) and in input and output I can only choose Akai EIE Pro MIDI. Takeover mode is on pickup and midi ports are on for track for both axiom_directlink input and output. It's in the screenshot.

Mapping it via abletons midi map won't work either, nothing happens when I try it. Can someone help me?
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Use live's midi learn function.

If that doesn't work as well then your interface or your cable may have some problem.
Do you have any way of testing the keyboard and/or cable with some other equipment?
using it as a midi keyboard works like a charm with close to no latency so i don't think its a hardware problem. Unfortunately as I said the midi learn function (I reckon you mean 'Edit Midi Map' ctrl+m) doesn't work. whenever I select a function in live and press a respective button on the keyboard, nothing happens.
Yeah I tried that. It doesn't recognise the buttons on the midi keyboard as being pressed. But just to be clear: when I had it connected via usb it was working fine as a midi keyboard AND as a controller. I just want to use it via the midi cable instead of usb. Could that make a difference anyway? is it maybe not possible to use a midi keyboard as a controller when connected via midi cable?
A midi keyboard IS a midi controller.
Whatever sends midi info is a midi controller.

The knobs should work even if the thing is connected via midi though, yeah.

If you even enabled the "remote" option in that panel you posted an image of and it didn't work, then you may wanna try this - http://www.midiox.com/
To see if the computer actually receives midi info from the controller when you turn the knobs.

If it works then problem's with live, and if midi learn doesn't work in live you can always try re-installing it, or write an e-mail to ableton about that.

If it doesn't work then you may wanna try a different midi interface and midi cable if you have the chance, to see if a piece of equipment of your is faulty.

Also, just to be sure, you've read the manual and that doesn't say anywhere that the knobs should work only if the controller is connected via USB, right?