Sort of a noob question here, but I just got a few effects pedals and need to buy some cables, and this question has really never crossed my mind. So I've been using these quantum audio designs cables which have lasted quite long for me actually, and the sound they produce has almost no buzzing whatsoever. I decided to by these fairly cheap cables from Amazon, and after testing them out I immediately returned them. The cables produced a loud buzzing sound and they were connected from my guitar straight into the amp. I tried both my old cables and the new ones, and this problem only occurred with the cheap cables. I tried to look online for better cables, but everything I read told me that the brand of cables does not matter in terms of sound. What cables then produce the least amount of unwanted buzzing, do you guys recommend any brands? Preferably not the extremely expensive ones. Thanks
For all those reading this, I will say that there is a difference between cheap and moderately priced cables. Musicians can debate this all they want, and rumors fly around but here are the facts: the stories you read about HDMI cables being overpriced and that a cheap one will work just as well as an expensive one is mostly true because they are digital cables. This does not translate perfectly for analog cables (which is likely what most of you use for music).

Without nerding out on how light works, a cheaper analog cable will degrade the signal over distance faster, and can allow additional "noise" into the signal. This can happen in a video or audio analog cable. XLR (most of the time I believe) and 1/4'' (always as far as I know) are both analog by the way, along with many other music cables.

You don't need to buy the most expensive cables to enjoy great quality while playing the guitar, but you shouldn't go cheap on them either.
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Hey there.

As Slayton101 says, yes there's a difference between cheap and expensice cables. Though you can buy decent cables, cheap, and still sound good and get rid of the buzz/hum or whatever.

In this case, are we talking about patch-cables or instrument cables? :-)
Livewire (the guitar center store brand) are good and they replace damaged cables no questions asked. They even swapped out a cable I bought after a guitar popped out of a strap and landed on the jack and bent the jack.

But for long cables (25'+) I use Fender cables because fabric covered cables stay coiled better than plastic covered cables.