I bought my PRS SE Custom 22 a little over a year ago and love how it plays and sounds but lately (past few months) it just can't seem to stay in tune. This is incredibly frustrating because I've spent money on fixing this issue and still have to stop between songs while playing live to tune up. Any suggestions on equipment I could buy that will be more permanent than just tightening everything up before a show and hoping for the best?
Check out the setup thread or google how to do a setup. Learn how to properly adjust your guitar and you'll be fine. Pay special attention to lubricating the nut and setting up the trem if it's got one.
Most tuning issues with tuning can be settled with making sure your nut is properly filed and/or lubricated. Do you have your tremolo set to flush or a float?
Thanks for the tips guys and I really don't know much about the hardware of guitars. Just how to play them but I got a picture of the trem. Sorry for the quality, the original picture was like 10x too big for UG apparently
I own the guitar garage in Langley BC and we repair, mod, sell and teach. I played as well for 25 years for a living and I have run into this problem tons, especially with Gibson's. There are two fixes when you have tried all the normal things, intonation, neck , tuners,etc. The one that always works for me is to completely eliminate binding at the nut which can be done a couple of ways, get rid of the nut and cut a new bone one or have your tech recut your Tusq or ?? you have in there. if that does not solve the problem, then I go to a Delrin nut. check out on line for further info on that, that is extreme. In all but one case a good solid bone nut cut right has fixed all issues, dropping G and everything in between. This should cost you between $50 and $70 but if it solves all your tuning issues on stage, isn't it worth it? Good luck
Try the following
1. off check the nuts that are holding the machine heads to the headstock are not loose
2. the little screw at the top f the tuning pegs make sure they are tight
3. check the bridge is level and the springs are adjusted properly
4. Have you checked the intonation yourself (if you know how to play natural harmonics its really easy) grab your tuner
How often do you change your strings and what type/gauge do you use? (Sorry if this is an obvious question)
Thanks for the help guys and I usually change them every 3 months or so, using EB slinkies (I think) .11's right now