I recently discovered that you could use the Rocksmith 2014 Realtone Cable for Guitar Rig 5. But I'm hearing a lot of static noise when using high-distortion amp settings (even with the volume knobs of the guitar turned all the way down). My friend is saying that it is because of the cable.
I'm looking to record and just want to be able to make sounds of a $3000 Marshall stack without actually spending 3 grand lol. Plus I live in an apartment so recently, after complaints came in from neighbor, my new Fender 25r Frontman Series became useless to me.
What do I need in order to get better sound quality out of my guitar through the PC?
THank you!
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You need to go to the Recordings forum & read the stickies. Everything you need is there.

Oh I didn't know there were forums for recording. Thank you!
Buddy, I started off using the rocksmith cable. Trust me buddy, you are going to want to upgrade from that. Get yourself an audio interface. Yes it costs some change but you will save yourself lots of frustration.