The Ibanez RGs feature the Tight-End R Bridge which is not found on RGAs. However, both models feature fixed bridges. The only difference is that RGAs are archtop guitars while RGs are flattop guitars.
Thanks, I love the look. It almost looks vintage. The guy has no idea what model it is, just knows it was his sons and wants to get rid of it. He wants 75.00 bucks. I've googled it and can't find one to match.
Not sure if he died Tempoe, just said "something my son had accumulated along the way"
See if you can get a serial number, there are many JS series guitars and some are not so great.
I've never seen a JS series with a TOM bridge before. The body looks like a Radius or a JS though. The 3+3 headstock leads me to believe that it's not a JS.
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Thanks for all the "guesses" although I initially thought it was a modified JS, I went and looked at it. To my surprise it's just a GIO. Painted with a kill switch. So needless to say I didn't spend 75 bucks for it. I don't remember how to insert a photo in here or I would.