OK here is the thing band plays in basement on 30w apm and drums and we want to sing so we are thinking on buying this mic http://www.glazbena-kutija.hr/grupe_proizvoda/mikrofoni/dinamicki_mikrofoni/3459/14/94 so we dont know to plug in mic in guitar amp or to buy this http://www.hifi-tower.co.uk/Auna-Amp-2-Compact-PA-Hi-Fi-Karaoke-Amplifier-400W_i3136.htm and could it work good enough to hear properly and can we connect that to speakers?Plzz help us
The Karaoke machine would reproduce the vocals much better, but it still may not be enough.
I would suggest looking for a 12" or 15" powered monitor/speaker. These have a mc input on them and would be of use to you later on in your music journey
First of all, learn how to use grammar, especially this guys => .,?

Second, learn how to format posts, because this is almost unreadable.

Third, what kind of speakers do you have? If they are active speakers, you dont even need an amp, just a mixer. If you have passive speakers, you can get an active mixer, that has an amp installed in it. This karaoke thing seems fishy as hell for band practice, since its basicly made for bedroom use. Anyway, its hard to give suggestions without knowing what kind of speakers you have.

As far as microphones go, the Shure SM58 or the Beta seem to be the standards, but as long as it works, i guess its ok. My band uses a SM58 and another no name mic, and there actually isnt much difference.

Since you live in croatia, the best thing would be to order stuff from Thomann. They are pretty cheap, have a bunch of stuff, and they dont go overboard with delivery prices. The delivery charge to Slovenia is around 25e, and im guessing its similar for croatia.

Lastly, i dont think this thread is in the right forum, so im guessing the mods will transfer it to wherever it has to be. Probably bandleading.