Hey guys,

When I play for long periods of time the pick just starts to flick out of position.

I was wondering if there was a dirt cheap way to make a strap to keep it locked onto my thumb? Or a company that does cheap strapped picks and won't cost me $10?

I don't really know what else to suggest. Strapped picks are usually very overpriced and tortex picks have always solved the problem for me.

It might be the way you're holding the pick.
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They're also out of stock.

Yeah, it's $13, but the OP can use it with any and all picks. I was thinking that might supersede a single strapped pick for $10.
We will have more in stock in about 3 weeks...they are very popular. We usually sell out a week after the new batch comes in. This is due to so many pre-orders.
Are there any distributors in Australia? I'd have to pay $9US as well as the $13US just to get the bloody thing here.

Didn't realise this thing was reusable/