Hi, I'm in the market for a 12-string acoustic to diversify my sound. Money isn't an issue, but I'm afraid it won't be used nearly as much as my 6-string or my Strat, though, so there's really no point in getting one of those 60,000 (HKD) Taylors.

I've narrowed it down to:
- Fender Villager 12
- Martin D12X1AE

What are the pros/cons of each (aside from the Fender's hideous headstock)? I have tried both of them out, and I prefer the sound (and playability) of the Fender, but I'm not sure how they hold up over time. From what I've heard, go for the Martin because Martin's good in general.

If you have another suggestion, these brands are easily available in Hong Kong:
- Guild
- Yamaha
- Fender/Squier
- Gibson/Epiphone (to some degree)
- Taylor
- Martin
- Simon and Patrick
- Ibanez

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The Taylor 100 series dread, I think it is the 150. The equivalent GA (154?) might be even better if such a thing exists.

I played one a couple of weeks ago, and thought it had great sound and playability. Also, the bolt-on neck means that there is no problem associated with long-term structural deterioration, which is a significant risk in 12-strings.
I have an A/E Fender "Sonoran", and my experience with that guitar makes me reluctant to suggest the "Villager" as a truly good choice. My Fender suffers from a "puffy" soundboard, which has raised the action quite a bit, and has forced me to shave the saddle down fairly close to the bridge.

There are a number of possibles reasons for this, improperly cured wood, too thin of a soundboard, or perhaps over shaved braces. In any case, my other guitars are stored in the same environment and aren't suffering the same issues. So, I'm ruling out the problem being my fault.

We were just discussing improperly cured wood in another thread. And while I still believe it's fairly unlikely, it might be the case with this instrument.

That said, it is a fairly nice sounding guitar, so it's not all bad news.

I'm fairly superstitious, and I personally wouldn't buy another guitar, especially a 12 string from Fender.

"Crafter" instruments might be available in your area. If so, you might have a look at their D-8-12. It's not perfect, but it's decent. The A/E version is solid top, and has L.R.Baggs electronics, (In most people's opinion, a step up from the more prevalent Fishman basic systems). Do be prepared to change the strings immediately on delivery, the "Korean 12 String" set they ship with, are the worst sounding strings I've yet to encounter. They should get their shit together, since bad strings make for a bad demo experience, and obviously could lose a sale or 3 for them.

As far as Simon & Patrick goes, the Seagull S-12 is very well thought of. (Godin being the parent company of both brands). The Seagull is a cedar top, which is more mellow than Sitka spruce. 12 strings can be a bit brittle without being amped up and EQed, and a cedar top might help that cause a bit.
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Get whatever 12 string, you feel comfortable playing.

If it fits your body, you'll find yourself picking it up more often.

Personally, I have 2-12's........acoustic/electric.

Use them more on tracking, than my 6's.
Seagull is fantastic. Guild is also brilliant. I'm a Washburn fan too, maybe take a look at some of those. Pretty good bang for buck. But if money isn't option then spend a bit more on a 12 string as you DO NOT want to run into problems later down the line
Con: that Fender looks ridiculous!

And I dig the strat headstock.
Quote by gr7070
Con: that Fender looks ridiculous!

And I dig the strat headstock.
Fender has used that type headstock on their solid body 12 strings as well. It earned the nickname, "hockey stick".

I have a Sonoran. I don't think it's got as much "bang for the buck", as it might.

The "vintage tuners" don't inspire any confidence in me. They look cheap, with stamped metal covers, and the ratio is a bit low, @ 14:1.

Plus, the sound board is all puffed up, for what exact reason, I have been unable to determine. Given that, I wouldn't trust them to build me a 12 string.
The Taylor 150e was made for exactly your situation. They figured a ton of people want a 12 string, but very few people are going to play one enough to justify spending $2000+ on one of their higher end ones, even if they can afford it. Enter the 150e, which is like $700, and sounds amazing. Better than any other sub-$1000 12 string I've ever played. And as a bonus, the pickup it comes with is the system that's normally in their 300+ series guitars. Better than the one that comes in the other 100 series models.